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The quality of the course was fantastic and has allowed me to confidently have a complete career change. It has been an amazing experience that has changed my mentality forever. I need to practice and build on my service delivery, but MNU has given me the skills and knowledge to do this and much more. MNU has set me up for what I’m sure will be a rewarding career as a really good nutritionist. Throughout MNU I have been able to apply what I have learnt time and time again in my line of work as a Personal Trainer. I loved the practical application MNU offers rather than just nutritional theory, as well as the information on how to work with certain populations.

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For beginners, swing trading is the ultimate trading form since it takes very little time and can be executed even by those who have a full-time job, while still having great profit potential.

I didn’t have much need for student support, but knowing the team was always there was reassuring. I particularly enjoyed the business and behaviour change lectures as they supported my growth as a health and fitness coach. My personal highlights were building my confidence, Martin’s humour, and being able to provide a greater level of education to my clients. The level of support from the MNU team is on another level, along with the number of resources and facilities provided to continue learning and interacting with other MNU students.

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The learning environment in the Mentoring Lab allowed me to share both, academic and personal concerns and has supported me many times when I was stressed. I especially liked module 4 which taught me a lot about client psychology and behaviour change. The level of support is second to none, Martin and his team go above and beyond to answer any questions, even when i wasn’t expecting to receive an answer. The case studies residential was a personal highlight for me; I learned so much on the weekend and got to meet lots of other like-minded people on my course.

I enjoyed the wide range of materials that we covered in a friendly and supportive environment. In this respect, MNU is so far ahead of other courses I have completed. The lectures were well presented and the slides were very helpful to print https://limefx.biz/ out and write on each week. I have learnt so much and appreciate everything I’ll be able to take forward from this course. You really feel like your part of something exciting and big, which confirms that this is the course you need to do.

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Having done several other nutrition courses, I know that there is no comparison to MNU. I currently work alongside top medical and industry professionals delivering nutrition and female health workshops and have recently been approached by schools and Universities. I have done a few different nutrition courses over the years and MNU was by far the best. I feel motivated and excited for the future and that is all thanks to the support from MNU and the encouragement the course and the team have given me.

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I started to post online because of the MNU competition but as a consequence began to grow an audience and have already started coaching clients. I actually learned a lot and the best bit about this course is that I can easily apply the information I learned to real-life client situations. I really enjoyed the content from Modules 4 and 5 as it provided specific and practical information on how to work with different people to suit their goals. I have started to use advanced fat loss concepts with my PT clients to enhance their results. I have a client who has Type 1 Diabetes and after a 3 stone weight loss, we are now training for a half ironman that we have entered together.

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Student support actually existed, which is a huge plus and is not the case for some other courses I’ve taken. Thanks to all the MNU team for their work putting the course together, it’s really well laid out and presented. I am aged 47 and have studied for what feels like most of my life but I can honestly say that MNU is the best course I’ve ever taken.

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It was where I started to understand how to think critically, unlearn what I thought I knew to be true and upgrade my knowledge. I feel more confident to give advice in the future and provide resources for people who have felt as lost and confused as I have in the past regarding nutrition. I loved the lectures on nutrition for clinical populations such as eating disorders and PCOS etc.

  • The customer support and student support services were second to none.
  • System failures, problems with internet signal and catastrophic loss can happen, so although these robots are designed to work autonomously, you will have to intervene at some point.
  • After the motivational interviewing lecture, I got an email after a client consultation saying I was so professional and they were so motivated.
  • To practice the skills that I’ve acquired throughout the course I worked with friends to help them achieve their nutrition-related goals.
  • Not only thinking about lectures for an exam but looking for ways to use the knowledge practically in my own practice.

The ability to improve your profit comes from your trading strategy and abilities. A forex robot is one of many tools you will use to help grow your account. A forex robot is a tool for you to use alongside many others to support your trading strategy. Although forex robots work best with short-term strategies, they can play a role in your long-term profit plan. Although it is not a full forex robot, the program is semi-automated and does all the research for you.

I loved the support and the sense of community from everyone, tutors and students. MNU has not only helped me with specific clients but also helped me tutor my team of PTs, meaning even more people are getting an improved service from our PTs. The highlights for me have all come from being able to put my learning into application when working with clients. I really enjoyed Module 4 and learning how to improve soft skills along with an evidence-based approach.

  • I coach my daughter, who competes in bikini fitness, and this course has provided me with plenty of new valuable information to help me with this.
  • There were a lot of eye-opening learnings and this will help me continue to learn and develop myself further even after the course.
  • What amazed me the most though, was that every lecture provided a lightbulb moment.
  • Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.
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At the start of the course, my goal was to work in elite sport. I am now on the right path AND have practical experience with other populations. I know MNU will benefit limefx courses scam my business and the results of my clients better than ever. I have a client that, after many years of feeling helpless and confused with PCOS, is now losing weight.

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