The Cause


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  •  What’s our purpose?

Our purpose is to raise funds and awareness for the Rein-bow Riding Academy’s hippotherapy program offered through The Therapy & Learning Center.  Funds that we raise from our race each year go to pay for the cost of hippotherapy so that there is no cost to the families.




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  • What is hippotherapy? 

Hippotherapy is a form of therapy in which a therapist uses the characteristic movements of a horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input.






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  • How does hippotherapy work? 

A horse’s gait provides sensory stimulation for the patient as he rides.  The movement the body makes while riding a horse mimics the patterns humans naturally make when they walk.  Thus, the rider’s muscles benefit from the rhythmic and repetitive movements in the horse’s gait.  During the ride, sensory messages are relayed to the rider’s brain to coordinate muscle movement in order to maintain balance.  The end result is improved functionality for the patient. 




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  • Who benefits from hippotherapy?

Some of the patients benefiting from hippotherapy have medical conditions such as: cerebral palsy, abnormal muscle tone, sensory integration disorders, impaired communication, autism spectrum disorders, and impaired balance responses.  Hippotherapy benefits patients of all ages, and the ability to walk is not necessary to participate in the program.