Race Record Award

Race Record Award


The RACE RECORD award will be given to the fastest runner to beat the RACE RECORD time in his/her division (the male 5K, male 10K, female 5K  and female 10K divisions).

Award : $50 cash prize and free entry into next year’s race!  (AND DON’T FORGET THE BRAGGING RIGHTS!)

For the 2017 event, we had the 10K course certified.  Since it was a little longer than in previous years,  the Race Record times were reset.  

Congratulations!  Male and female 10K records were broken in 2018!!  Will you be the one to break it this year?


What about you 5kers?  It is time for new record holders; they have held the records for 7 years!!  Who will it be?


10K Male –    40:39  Tony Davis             2018

10K Female – 49:50  Brittney Mehr        2018


10K Male –      41:55.3   Matt Joyner      2017

10K Female – 51:02.1    Kristen White   2017

10K Male –       35:16   Shayne Fawcett    2014

10K Female –   44:00   Katie Graham       2013


5K Male –         16:44   Martin Douglas     2012

5K Female –     21:01   Katie Graham       2012