Caleb’s Story

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 Story of a Special Rider

 Caleb Tyler Lott

April 14, 2004 to July 16, 2008


       Kent and Celeste Lott were very excited when their baby boy arrived.  As he grew, they could not believe just how precious  he was.  However, they noticed that he was not meeting his “milestones” as most children do.

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      So, when he was 9 months old, the testing began.  Scared but determined to do the best they could for their son, his parents took him to specialist after specialist in hope for a diagnosis. 

     After numerous MRI’s, blood tests, EKG’s  . . .  and 3 years later, Caleb was finally diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder.  This disorder caused Caleb to have low muscle tone; he was not as strong as he needed to be.  He had to work extremely hard just to do what other children do naturally, for example sitting up without propping and crawling.

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     Caleb had to do countless therapies in order to improve:  PT, OT, aqua therapy, speech therapy, and vision therapy.  He worked diligently every day but slowly progressed.  His parents wondered how he could be so happy all of the time when he had to work so hard.   He was such a joy to be around that his mother always called him her little angel.


     Knowing the importance of therapy, his parents were constantly searching for new ways to disguise it as fun. That is when they discovered hippotherapy and Reinbow Riding Academy.  After only 2 therapy sessions, Caleb progressed from the “w” crawl to the upright crawl.  Even though Caleb was exhausted after getting off of the                                    horse, he loved it!  Finally, a therapy disguised as fun!      

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     With the countless expenses for numerous doctors, prescriptions, therapies, and special equipment, his family could not afford to pay for this fun therapy.  Caleb’s friends and family sponsored him, so he could ride.  Without their help, this precious boy would not have benefited from this therapy. 

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     The “Racing So They Can Ride” event is held so the children’s families don’t have to pay for them to ride.  Caleb’s family is very honored that it is held in memory of him.  They know that Caleb would be very happy to know that other children get to ride because of this event.


      Caleb went to heaven when he was 4 years old.  He was quite an inspiration to those who met him.  


His father would always ask him,“When do we quit?”

1-49-caleb 3 -4 yearsCaleb would always respond, “Neber, neber, neber!”