Race Record Award

Race Record Award


The RACE RECORD award will be given to the fastest runner to beat the RACE RECORD time in his/her division (the male 5K, male 10K, female 5K  and female 10K divisions).

Award : $50 cash prize and free entry into next year’s race!  (AND DON’T FORGET THE BRAGGING RIGHTS!)

For the 2017 event, we had the 10K course certified.  Since it was a little longer than in previous years,  the Race Record times were reset this year.  


10K Male –      41:55.3   Matt Joyner      2017

10K Female – 51:02.1    Kristen White   2017



5K Male –         16:44   Martin Douglas     2012

5K Female –     21:01   Katie Graham       2012


10K Male –       35:16   Shayne Fawcett    2014

10K Female –   44:00   Katie Graham       2013